From May 21st 2020, all foreign citizens who intend to enter the Republic of Croatia, as well as Croatian citizens who do not have a permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Croatia, can find the answers to all questions related to entering the Republic of Croatia:

Given the restrictions in force related to combat the spread of COVID-19 and to obtain relevant information faster, all frequently asked questions and answers about the conditions of entry into the Republic of Croatia are published on the official website of the Ministry of Interior under the category UZG COVID on the main menu bar.

If you do not find the answer among the most common questions and answers, an online inquiry form is available through which you can contact the Ministry in order to get a specific answer to your question.

The mentioned page and the online form are currently available in Croatian, English and German but it is planned to expand to other foreign languages.

E-mail still remains the address where interested users with a slightly different procedure can turn to.

In order to facilitate the procedure of Republic of Croatia border crossing and to make our guests aware of the epidemiological measures in force in Croatia, please visit the website On this page there is an online form in which you can fill all data required at the border and with a simple presentation of a passport or another identity document to a police officer at the border, the number or code from the ID card or passport is automatically linked to all pre-entered data online. In this way, the entire procedure of entering the data of each individual person is reduced to a minimum time. At the same time, an e-mail instructions containing epidemiological information and measures in force in the Republic of Croatia will be sent to all those who fill in their data online. At the moment, the website has a form available in Croatian and English, and over the next few days it will be available in other ten different languagues.

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