• Surfing The location of Viganj and Kučište on the coast at the narrowest part of the Pelješac canal and at the foot of a hill contributes to the development of a west mistral wind that blows a lot faster than is usual on the Adriatic, so Viganj and Kučište have become top surfing destinations for all professional and recreational surfers and kiters. The wind blows constantly throughout the entire day, sometimes up to 8 Beauforts, so it is no wonder that Viganj has been listed among one of the two most attractive surfing destinations in Croatia, and even Europe. It is precisely because of such natural characteristics of its location that Viganj is host to the Croatian surfing championship every year. It should also be mentioned that the World Championship was held here in 1989 and the European Championship in 1990. According to many surfing enthusiasts, Viganj is the best place in Croatia and wider for surfing and kiting. Also, during the summer, Viganj hosts a surfing school and surfing equipment renters so even amateurs will be satisfied with the diverse tourist options of this town.

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