Dingač Wine

  • The Dingač wine variety is far from just an ordinary wine, it has become a status and religious symbol, a holy liquid, based on the tradition of wine making in this region. Under the conditions of the Mediterranean climate, characterized by short and mild winters, and long and warm summers bathed in sunlight, wine varieties developed that are characterized by an ideal distribution of alcohol, acid, minerals, tannin, colour, proteins and vitamins. The microclimate and micro-terrain were crucial in the creation of the quality of this wine, and it is precisely in Dingač that the Plavac Mali grape-vine variety, which on account of its resistance to drought and its ruby red colour has been named "the blood of the soil" in Dalmatia, gives its best characteristics. Dingač is a high-quality red dry wine of controlled designation of origin from confined areas of the Pelješac peninsula. In 1961 it was protected by the Geneva Convention and thus became the first Croatian wine to be protected by an act of law. It is made from the indigenous variety Plavac Mali from the locality Dingač, on the steep southern hillsides of the Pelješac peninsula. It is of a deep ruby red colour, of an exceptionally unique and luxurious bouquet, a nicely accentuated aroma and a harmonious fullness of taste.

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