Covid- 19 Clinic

Recommendations in case of a suspected illness of a guest in tourist accommodation during COVID-19 pandemic


Call the COVID-19 clinic for Dubrovnik-Neretva County:

Tel: +385 (0)20 64 16 13

Mob: +385 (0)99 52 91 888



Telephone of COVID-19 clinics:

Orebić: +385 (0)99 529 4945 ( open 07:00- 19)

Korčula: +385 (0)99 529 8734 (open 07:00-19:00)



Home visit medical service - NOT POSSIBLE

The guest must go to the COVID-19 clinic in their own vehicle, transport organised by the accommodation or by taxi. Use of public transport is NOT ALLOWED.


Recommendation for guests in case of suspected COVID-19 virus

Guests that suspect that they have been infected must remain in his/her room with doors closed until the visit to the COVID-19 clinic. The accommodation must provide medical mask, gloves and paper tissue.

The clinic tests the guest for COVID-19 by taking a swab. The guest must be in self-isolation for 48 hours until the test results are received.

If the guest is not infected by COVID-19 the self-isolation is cancelled and he/she can move freely.

Guests family and/or group members

All the persons belonging to the same party, as the person tested, must remain in their rooms during the testing period.


In case the COVID-19 is confirmed

  1. Hospitalisation

If a guest has been tested COVID-19 positive and their health condition requires hospitalisation they will be transported to the nearest hospital. The family and/or the group members will be recommended to return to their place of living, otherwise they will be required to stay in isolation, and cover all the related expenses.


  1. Self-isolation / Quarantine

The guests that have been tested COVID-19 positive and their family and/or group members are recommended to return to their place of living. Foreign citizens are recommended to contact their public health officials and agree on the manner in which transport to their country of origin will be financed.

If they have no means to be self-isolated in their current accommodation the guests and their parties will be housed in specially designated accommodation units for self-isolation. The guests that decide to use one these options must cover the related expenses during the isolation.


Behaviour during the isolation by guests and employees

The accommodation employees must not enter the accommodation unit where suspected or infected guests are isolated. The guest is expected to clean the room/s in which he/she resides. The responsible person will organise delivery of food and other supplies and leave it at the room door.

If that is not possible, the guest can contact the Korčula Red Cross and organise delivery of grocery, supplies and medication.

Tel: +385 (0)92 3891 026.


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